Marvel Spider-Man Actors, Villains & Director Rumored



The Sony e-mail hacks have released the news that Spider-Man may be going back to Marvel for Captain America 3 with a new actor and costume.

Now a batch of rumors has hit the net from a reddit user.

According to the user, who is new to reddit, Sony Japan has stepped in (which was already rumored) and negotiated a deal with Marvel. It’s said the final deal will be put into place during the upcoming Sony Spider-Man summit in January.

It’s said (again, already previously mentioned) that Marvel will hold creative control over Spider-Man, with Sony owning the distribution rights, a share in profits and merchandising, etc.

The rumor goes on to mention following a Spider-Man cameo in Captain America 3, that Sony plans a new Spider-Man movie for 2017 (leaked e-mails stated 2017). It’s again said Marvel plans on skipping the origin story for the first film and will jump into Spider-man already being a hero for a few years with Peter Parker possibly being in college or just afterwards.

It’s said Marvel has already begun development on the script and is currently looking for directors, with Sylvain White (Person of Interest, Hawaii 5-0, Losers) mentioned as a possibility.

It’s again stated Marvel will not be bringing Andrew Garfield back as Spider-Man, but it is said Marvel has talked with Garfield as they have interest in bringing him on board in a different role for future Marvel Studios films.

A rumored list of actors said to be wanted by Marvel for the new Spider-Man includes: Anton Yelchin, Dylan O’Brien, Freddie Highmore, Thomas Mann, Logan Lerman, Michael Angarano, Douglas Booth, Nat Wolff, and Skandar Keynes.

Rumored villains for the first Spider-Man reboot movie said to be under consideration are Mysterio and/or Shocker, with it also possible Vincent D’Onofrio could reprise as the Kingpin from the Netflix Daredevil series. It’s noted that Marvel doesn’t want to go the route of the previous Spider-Man movies with too many villains, so possibly just one villain will be featured.