Marvel Replaces Doctor Strange With ‘Sorceress Supreme’


Confirming just what I said would happen last June (here and on TikTok), it’s confirmed that Marvel Comics has replaced Doctor Strange with a Sorceress Supreme.

Last month saw Marvel Comics announce that following the “Death of Doctor Strange” event, that “the new Sorcerer Supreme of the Marvel Universe” has been “revealed.”

It’s Clea.

“Follow the adventures of CLEA as the next Sorcerer Supreme in Strange, a new comic series coming in March from Jed MacKay and Marcelo Ferreira!” states

The site continues, “This March, make way for the new Sorcerer Supreme! With Doctor Strange dead, another sorcerer has taken the title, or should we say Sorceress? Clea, mistress of the Dark Dimension and Stephen Strange’s powerful partner, will rise to the challenge of defending earth from mystical and otherworldly danger in writer Jed MacKay’s STRANGE #1!” futher adds: “Haunted by her recently returned memories, Clea longs to bring Stephen Strange back from the dead! But when a mysterious group attacks the magical realm, Clea, now the sole protector of Earth against magical threats must rise to the duties of Sorcerer Supreme. Don’t miss the shocking twists, new villains, and unbelievable magical feats as Clea takes Marvel magic to places it’s never gone before!”

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

New Doctor Strange Sorceress Supreme villain is Harvestman

It’s also revealed that the new Marvel Sorceress Supreme’s villain happens to be a villain named Harvestman.

“After the apocalyptic events of THE DEATH OF DOCTOR STRANGE, there’s a new Sorcerer Supreme in residence at 177A Bleecker Street, and a new Doctor Strange—Clea Strange. And she’s got her work cut out for her—when she’s not fighting off the magical gangsters of the Blasphemy Syndicate, or battling undead super-monsters, she’s going after what’s hers: the late Stephen Strange. Clea is of the Faltine, that race of Warlords and conquerors, and like her relatives Dormammu and Umar, she will not be thwarted in her desires, not even by the mysterious Harvestman standing in her way,” said MacKay. “It’s been really exciting to open up a new chapter in the world of Doctor (Clea) Strange, to get some new adventures going and some new weirdies on the table, and I can’t wait for folks to come along with us!”

Interestingly enough, the comic book gets released in March, a couple of months prior to the release of the MCU’s Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in May, on 5/6.

It’s known that Kevin Feige cut Benedict Cumberbatch and Doctor Strange from WandaVision because he’s a white dude, so it will be interesting to see what happens in the movie. Maybe we’ll see a Sorceress Supreme variant?

Marvel Comics Strange #1:

Written by JED MACKAY
On Sale 3/2

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