Marvel: ‘Mr. Knight’ Trends On Twitter As Fans Have Mixed Reactions

Episode 2 sees Steven Grant don the three-piece all-white suit, but is it too goofy?

Episode 2 sees Steven Grant don the three-piece all-white suit, but is it too goofy?


With the second episode of Moon Knight now out, “Mr. Knight” is now trending on Twitter as Oscar Isaac’s Steven Grant dons the suit which sees fans have mixed reactions.

Note: Spoilers follow.

The episode sees Steven/Marc again attacked by a Jackal, but this time, Steven is hesitant to give Marc the body, so when Steven falls from a window, he is told by Layla, per the episode title, to summon the suit, so Marc does just that.

However, the kicker is that Steven doesn’t summon the Moon Knight suit, but his own version of it, which still comes with all the bells and whistles, aka the Mr. Knight suit, a three-piece all-white suit.

In the comics, the Mr. Knight persona and suit were used when Marc was a consultant to the police, but in the Disney Plus series, it seems to be more used for comic relief, and of course, Feige’s zombie audience is licking it up as “Mr. Knight” is currently trending on Twitter with over 11k tweets, but again, the reactions are mixed (see below).

As I tweeted and said in my review, the Mr. Knight scenes do come off as pretty goofy as Feige’s zombie audience has grown accustomed to all the goofy Marvel jokes, so of course, Feige has to include goofiness, and Moon Knight, of course, can’t be overly serious (yes, expect goofy jokes whenever Daredevil returns). I also said I was alright with the Mr. Knight scenes and felt they did the invisible fight scenes pretty well, so for now, I’m okay with it, as they are presently balancing things out between the goofiness and the seriousness.

Oscar Isaac Steven Grant Moon Knight

Oscar Isaac responsible for goofy Moon Knight

It’s also learned that it was Oscar Isaac, who is an executive producer on the series, who came up with the idea for Mr. Knight to fall over following his superhero landing and who likes to come up with jokes for the show.

“Mr. Knight is Steven Grant’s vision of a cool guy, a svelte man,” Aaron Moorhead, the co-director of the episode, revealed to “Being gifted the suit doesn’t mean that you are gifted fighting abilities. And if you don’t have skills, then you are going to lose this fight. We built everything around making losing the fight frightening and scary… We talked to Oscar about that exact moment,” Moorhead laughed. “He said, ‘I want to fall over.’ Like, land as if he’s a superhero and then just fall over. And that gelled the whole thing for us.”

Co-director Justin Benson added, “It also should be noted that falling over bit is one of many points in the show that was Oscar finding the best joke for the moment. Oscar is obviously good at a lot of things, but what people maybe don’t know is that he’s a really, really funny guy. You can tell when he’s going to like a joke, because he’s one of those people who laughs when he’s telling it to you and you get caught up in the infectiousness of it.”

Check out Mr. Knight Twitter reactions below where some fans love it and some fans aren’t happy, and some fans are comparing Mr. Knight to Deadpool.

Moon Knight airs Wednesdays on Disney Plus starring Oscar Isaac and Ethan Hawke.

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