Marvel Fans React To Eve Warlock, The New Female Adam Warlock

Meet EVE WARLOCK, the next evolution of Warlock! She’s come to strip Adam of all his power, starting with the Soul Gem!

Marvel Fans React To Female Adam Warlock

Right in time for James Gunn’s Guardians of the Galaxy 3 movie, Marvel Comics introduces a female version of Adam Warlock with Eve Warlock! Someone stronger, faster and smarter!

You read that right!

That’s after already having a version of HIM with HER (Marvel was ahead of the pronouns, they’re cool like that) created back as Paragon in 1977 then becoming Her/Kismet in 1980 and Ayesha in 1991.

So since James Gunn has Ayesha in the MCU, we can guess Marvel Comics wants to create another female version of Adam Warlock with Eve Warlock! But better! Awesome!

“Adam Warlock meets his match this April!” teases the announcement by Marvel and of course, it’s by fan-favorite writer Ron Marz, too!

The announcement adds: “Before he jetted off to space, Adam Warlock was artificially created by scientists on Earth to be the ‘perfect specimen.’ What fans will shockingly discover is that as Adam went on to wield the Infinity Gems and play key roles in epics like Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Watch, another specimen was created—someone stronger, faster and smarter than Adam himself! Meet EVE WARLOCK, the next evolution of Warlock! She’s come to strip Adam of all his power, starting with the Soul Gem!”

Eve Warlock will also completely redefine who Adam Warlock is!
“Don’t miss the debut of a character who will redefine Adam Warlock’s legacy when WARLOCK: REBIRTH #1 hits stands in April! See Eve in all her glory in the WARLOCK: REBIRTH #2 cover below and check out all-new interior artwork!” states Marvel. com.

Check out how excited the fans are below!

Marvel Comics Eve Warlock

What do fans think of Eve Warlock? 

Well, of course, they love her! Via the official Marvel Facebook page:

– There already was one that wasn’t a copy paste talentless crap you push today Adam was Him and Kismet was called Her

– Of course the female version is waaaaaaayyyyyy mor3 powerfull….. geeeezzze….

– Hope you readers weren’t looking for a suprise

– O Jesus you all need to fire everyone at marvel , cut the cancer out

– Please just make original characters already. For the love of Zeus

– So corny and lazy lol

– Did not see that coming

– Why not just use Kismet? Or is this like a retconned of her?

– Marvel comics are not telling great stories anymore. Creatively they have been in a slump and it’s not just writing artwork as well.

– How stunning and brave

– Lotta people complaining about Adam having a female counterpart in these comments and I’m just wondering why they’re not using her

– So when they going to gender swap a female character with a straight man?

– Just like Jane Foster

– this is male appropriation. and shows the utter lack of creativity.

– So original. So thought provoking. Who approved this stuff? Come on. Why are modern comics so lame

– Are we really so imagination bankrupt that all we do is change male to females?

– There is a gender swapped version of every marvel character. But only in one direction. You don’t see a male black widow. You don’t see a male Storm. You don’t see a male Gamora. There’s a female Wolverine, Thor, Hawkeye, Hulk, Iron Man, Deadpool, Namor, Warlock, and the list goes on and on for days. I’m not complaining. I don’t really care. It’s just an observation that they do that. Also, 99.99% of marvel villains are male. Have you ever noticed that?

– Lol everyone is getting a female version

Marvel Comics Eve Warlock

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