Marvel Comics Announces Infinity Entity & Thanos: The Infinity Finale



Jim Starlin continues with Adam Warlock and Thanos in next year’s Infinity: Entity limited series and Thanos: The Infinity Finale original graphic novel. announced the news that the two series will premiere next year.

Adam Warlock will be the spotlight in the Infinity: Entity limited series with Alan Davis on art chores.

“He’s deranged, as usual,” Starlin said about Warlock. “For those who have read the first two graphic novels [Thanos: The Infinity Relativity, Thanos: The Infinity Revelation], you know that Adam has gone through a rather dramatic, if subtle, transformation as the story’s progressed. This tale explores those changes. I felt the changes in Adam in this storyline just couldn’t be squeezed into the space available and decided to augment. This series is a part of the ongoing Thanos epic I’ve been working on in the trio of graphic novels. Just as Thanos Vs. Hulk bridged the first novel with the second, Infinity Entity connects the second with the third.

“This tale is about time, space and omnipotence, so anything is possible,” Starlin continued. “Thanos, The In-Betweener, the Guardians of the Galaxy, and other cosmic and space oriented characters make an appearance. There’s a big reveal toward the end of the story arc, but we can’t say anything about that or it’ll ruin the ride.”