Marvel & Coca-Cola Super Bowl Commercial May Feature Ant-Man & Hulk



Update: A Captain America: Civil War spot has been released.

Update #2: A Marvel Coke Ant-Man vs Hulk spot has been released.

Update #3: A Marvel Coke mini-can contest has launched.


We may have a possible clue as to what the Marvel Super Bowl commercial will feature as word is hitting the net a Coke commercial is running featuring Ant-Man and the Hulk.

Users on Reddit and Twitter are reporting they have seen the Marvel Coke commercial advertised on various videos on YouTube — though it is unclear if this is the 60-second Superbowl spot. It’s possible this ad may either be a part of it (i.e. a shorter version) or entirely separate.

A user on Reddit described the Marvel Coke commercial featuring the Ant-Man and the Hulk as follows:

Okay so I’m doing some late night youtube and suddenly an ad pops up. Im about to skip but its a door that says “Doctor Bruce Banner”- so of course I watched it. Its a coke commercial with Hulk and Ant Man! I can’t remember all of the details cause it went so quickly but Hulk is chasing Ant Man for a can of coke and he bursts out of the side of a building. He can’t open the can when he finally gets it so Ant Man does it for him

Marvel and Coke teased a joint promotion earlier with cans featuring various Avengers characters, with the Hulk and Ant-Man being a part of the group. It’s possible there could be numerous Coke ads featuring a combination of the characters, with the 60-second spot being the entire group. If we go by the order of the cans from the promotion, the spot would feature Falcon with Black Widow, Iron Man with Captain America, and per above, Ant-Man and Hulk (see pic below).

We won’t have to wait too much longer to find out as the Marvel Coke commercial is airing during the second quarter of today’s Big Game.

Whether or not it’s a Captain America: Civil War trailer may be in doubt as the promotion features the Hulk (at least in can-form), and the Hulk is not a part of the movie; so it’s possible the promotion would be more or less Marvel Avengers-related.


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