Loki S2E4 Review: Wild Episode!

With only two episodes left, Marvel has a lot of explaining to do!

With only two episodes left, Marvel has a lot of explaining to do!

Loki S2E6 Review: Wild Episode!

Loki Season 2 Episode 4 is now available on the Disney+ streaming service, and it’s one heck of a wild episode!

Continuing from last week’s big cliffhanger, this episode gives us an even bigger cliffhanger leaving you wondering what the heck did I just watch and what the heck did just happen? Did they really just do that?!

I theorized last episode that Ravonna Renslayer is SHE WHO REMAINS and might even be a Kang variant! And I wasn’t too far off!

kang loki jonathan majors

Kang is a big b—-!

Fitting right with Kevin Feige’s M-SHE-U, it’s learned that it was Ravonna who actually won the Multiverse War – not Kang! – and it was Ravonna who did all the work (I go over things more in detail here)! All the while He Who Remains watched while sitting on his ass. WTF?! LOL! This is the MCU’s next big villain?!

So, He Who Remains then instructs Miss Minutes to mindwipe Ravonna, which they don’t explain why, but it’s probably so Ravonna forgets she’s better than Kang! LMAO!

I found the episode, and I find this season of Loki to be really female-centric, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it comes off at the expense of all the dudes. The guys in the show are looking like a bunch of bozos.

Ravonna, Sylvie, Hunter B-15, General Dox, and Judge Gamble – and don’t forget Miss Minutes – are all badass and the leaders while Loki, Mobius, and Victor are running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads caught off trying to figure things out. Also, don’t forget Mister Yo Yo himself, Brad Wolfe!

Now let me introduce you to Miss Minutes’ BF!

miss minutes boyfriend ai fan art

Insert Thinking Emoji

I think I also spotted a couple of inconsistencies in the writing, well, they bugged me while watching, at least.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought when they brought Victor back to the TVA there was only like 5 minutes left until the TVA’s destruction? I thought they only had 5 minutes to get Victor scanned by that gizmo in order to unlock it and fix things? I thought they said something like that last episode?

Or how about this one…

So in order to save the TVA from getting destroyed, they need to scan Victor so they can access the system, right? Well, they do that, but then someone has to go out into the timestream and fix the machine ASAP.

So who do they pick?

Not the guy who already went out there and fixed stuff. He’s a p—-y (but at least he likes pie).

They pick some guy who happens to be a Variant – or actually the same – as He Who Remains, you know — the same guy that kills all the Variants and the alternate universes! Yeah, let’s stick this dude who won the Multiverse War (thanks to Ravonna) in the timestream! What can go wrong?!

victor timely jonathan majors kang

Go with the guy from the past who knows diddly squat

Or how about this: So in order to save everyone, they pick the guy who they just met who is from the past to put on some futuristic suit he never put on before and to fix some complex futuristic machine he knows nothing about? And he only has like 30 seconds to do it! And it’s the slow guy who stutters!

I also thought they were hinting Victor was a con man and actually didn’t know jack squat about his so-called inventions as none of them work?

So some guy from the 1800s puts on a complicated futuristic suit, has to go out into the timestream, find some machine, and then push the button to fix everything? Yeah, that will work. You’ll notice the girls weren’t making these dumb ass decisions!

Well, those dumb ass decisions all come to a head at the end of the episode as – WOW – the dudes failed! Imagine that!

Victor Lively gets destroyed by the timestream! And the universe explodes! The episode goes dark! (Ravonna also got pruned and Dox got squashed!) I loved it! Wild!

tom hiddleston loki season 2 marvel

Hopefully pays off

Regardless of my “nitpicking,” I did like the episode a lot. Again, it reminds me of Doctor Who just like I said last week.

Well, lo and behold, the Loki Season 1 writer/showrunner is now writing Doctor Who.

Someone also asked on Twitter what people think of the episode and I said I really hope Marvel thought things out with the show and viewers get the payoff they deserve. There are only two episodes left, and as I have been complaining about, Loki went from a Multiverse show to a time travel show that seems to have bucked the time travel rules found in Avengers: Endgame with no explanation given. I hope Marvel put on their thinking caps for these final two episodes and we don’t get something like Secret Invasion which failed to deliver big time!

Loki is currently the only thing the MCU has going for it!

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