Logan Getting Black & White Movie Theater Re-Release


logan black white re release Logan Getting Black & White Movie Theater Re-Release

You will get to see Logan one more time–in black-and-white!

Director James Mangold has confirmed a Logan black-and-white U.S. re-release will be in theaters Tuesday, May 16th.

Mangold also confirmed a Logan black-and-white home version.

No specific details about the Logan black-and-white theatrical re-release are currently known, but let’s hope Fox Studios puts the movie in a lot of theaters, and not just the big cities around the U.S. James Mangold did confirm the release would only be in the United States.

If you recall, a big part of the marketing surrounding Logan was done in black-and-white, with many fans requesting a similar release of the movie.

The good news is–now we are getting it!

James Mangold also offered simply changing your TV’s color settings to black-and-white won’t be the same.