Logan Deadpool Teaser Leaks Online


logan deadpool Logan Deadpool Teaser Leaks Online

Spoilers follow for Logan.

Update: The Deadpool Logan teaser has been officially released which includes new footage of Stan Lee not seen in theaters.


While there is no Logan post-credit scene, there does happen to be a Deadpool teaser that plays before the movie starts (so make sure you are on time).

The Deadpool teaser takes place outside of a movie theater where Logan is playing. An unmasked Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool hears an argument/robbery taking place in the ally next to the movie theater and decides to change in a phone booth. As Deadpool changes into costume, the Christoper Reeve Superman music plays, and the victim getting robbed can be heard screaming for help in the background. It takes too long for Deadpool to change into costume as the victim gets shot, with Deadpool joking he should have called 911.

The telephone booth also has “Nathan Summers Coming Soon” graffitti, which is Cable for Deadpool 2, and a Firefly poster is seen on a wall (FOX cancelled Firefly after one season after airing the episodes out of order).

Logan is a great flick. Definitely go see it this weekend!