Liam Neeson Spotted With Drastic Weight Loss Raising Concerns



Liam Neeson, the action star behind the likes of Star Wars and Taken, has recently been spotted in NYC looking rather frail after appearing to have lost a significant amount of weight.

Images popped up online of the actor where the 63-year-old actor has been described as almost unrecognizable.

It’s unknown what precipated the weight loss – whether it’s for a new role or health related – but fans have taken to Twitter to voice their concerns.

Checking out the actor’s iMDB page, it doesn’t seem as if Neeson has anything in the pipeline, and the Irish-born actor did recently reveal he is done with the Taken franchise, so maybe Liam Neeson doesn’t necessarily need to keep up with his “action star” appearance — hopefully it’s not health related.

Update: Liam Neeson’s spokesperson has stated “he has never been healthier” and begins filming a new movie in September.