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Review: Lady Death #2

Review: Lady Death  #2


Writer:   Brian Pulido & Mike Wolfer

Artist:   Marcelo Mueller

Colorist:   Digikore Studios

Publisher:   Boundless

Released:   February 22nd, 2011


Lady Death continues to travel the Earth recovering the fragments of her soul as Death Queen solidifies her control of Lady Death’s former Queendom in Hell.

Anyone who has read any of my past reviews knows I’m not keen on the de-powering plot device.  Said plot device rears its ugly head too often in comics – so I suppose it was inevitable that it would appear at some point in Pulido’s new Lady Death series.  Part of me wishes Pulido had chosen another way to introduce the character to new readers – and part of me is glad that he’s at least getting the obligatory de-powering story over early in the series so the series can move on to higher ground in the next arc.

As de-powering stories go – this is at least an interesting one though thus far it contains few surprises.  The problem with this series to date is that it could just as easily be an issue of Red Sonja.  By that I mean it’s been a pretty typical sword and sorcery tale featuring a bad-girlish female lead.  I prefer Lady Death to be edgier and to contain more elements of over-the-top bad girl noir horror.  I hope to see that more as this arc progresses and when the next arc begins.

The cover art for this series has been outstanding.  The interior art and coloring has shown considerable variability – with some pages being real eye catchers and others being a bit more mundane.  I prefer Lady Death art and coloring to be over-the-top sexy eye candy.   The cover art is delivering just that.  The interior art/coloring is not quite there yet – but I have high hopes as the series progresses.

I’m onboard for the long haul with this series as I am so very fond of this particular progenitor of the modern bad girl archetype.  I’m just hoping to see the writers and interior artists step up their game over the next few issues.

Rating:  3 Stars.

 Article by:  Timelord