Kevin Feige Helped Design ‘Moon Knight’ Costume Inspired By Alex Ross Marvel Comic

The head writer on the show reveals how they came up with the Marc Spector Moon Knight suit.


It’s learned Kevin Feige helped design the cool Moon Knight costume in the Disney Plus series where it is also learned the suit is inspired by the Universe X comic book from Marvel and Alex Ross, which is an alternate version of Marc Spector from Earth-9997 set in a dystopian future.

The head writer on the show, Jeremy Slater, tweeted details prior to the second episode airing where Slater revealed Kevin Feige had a hand in designing the look of the costume.

Slater says that they came up with the idea of Spector being able to summon the Moon Knight costume instead of having to wear it under his clothes or hiding it somewhere to change into.

How Kevin Feige got involved is that the team was given all kinds of references to Moon Knight from the comics, including Universe X  artwork from Alex Ross featuring Moon Knight sporting Egyptian bandages, so Feige came up with the idea to incorporate that look into the Disney Plus series.

Slater also says they wanted to make the suit work differently than the current suits in the MCU that resemble Iron Man (Spider-Man, Star-Lord, Ant-Man, etc.).

Check out the tweets below.

I wonder if Slater has anything to say about the controversy surrounding making Mr. Knight too goofy?

Moon Knight costume

Jeremy Slater on Moon Knight costume and the involvement of Kevin Feige: