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Josh Gad Explains Penguin Rumors (Video)

Josh Gad Explains Penguin Rumors (Video)

Josh Gad has been teasing Penguin on social media (perhaps for the Matt Reeves Batman movie or even Gotham City Sirens!).

The actor posted a pic of the Penguin from the DC Comics and also approved of fan art.

Now MTV catches up with Josh Gad in the following video and asks about the Penguin rumors.

“Oh, God,” Josh Gad said while laughing. “Just having some fun. Just having some fun.”

MTV kept pressing Josh Gad about Penguin.

“That’s it! Really! I promise! There’s nothing to [talk about]. There’s no there-there. I promise you,” Gad said. “You know what. The internet goes wild, and I’m just having some fun. Just putting some things out there.”

MTV questions Josh Gad if he had ever met Batman director Matt Reeves, and Gad says he is open to playing Penguin.

“I have not met Matt Reeves,” Josh Gad said. “Seems like a lovely guy. I love his work. I would absolutely be open to playing the Penguin in a Batman movie… We’ll see. It’s all we’ll see.” 

Watch the video for more of Josh Gad talking Penguin: