Jon Hamm Calls Comic Book Movies “Draconian”



Jon Hamm has been a longtime favorite choice to play a superhero, and now the Mad Men actor confirms he has been “in contention” for a few of them.

However, don’t expect Hamm to put on a pair of tights and take to the skies anytime soon as he isn’t big on playing comic book characters as it requires a long term commitment. Hamm also said he was glad he made the “right decision” not to do them.

Via Radio Times:

“The deals that they make you do are so draconian. And, of course, you are signed on for not only the movie that you are signed on for… but at least two more that you haven’t read and you have no idea what they are going to be and all the crossover ones you are going to have to do.

“For me to sign on now to do a superhero movie would mean I would be working until I am fifty as that particular superhero.

“It’s a lot of work at one thing which is not necessarily the reason I got into the business which is to do many things. If you want to spend all day pressing the same key that… seems an odd choice.”

Though Hamm didn’t confirm any of the roles, three roles the actor has been said to have been up for at one time or another are Superman, Batman and Doctor Strange.