John Williams To Score Star Wars: Episode VIII, Indiana Jones 5 & Ready Player One


john williams star wars indiana jones ready player one

At 84 years young, legendary composer John Williams is keeping busy as it has been announced Williams will be composing the music for Star Wars: Episode VIII, Indiana Jones 5 and Ready Player One.

Williams composed all the music for the Star Wars films to date.

“If I can do it, I certainly will. I told Kathy Kennedy I’m happy to do it, but the real reason is, I didn’t want anybody else writing music for Daisy Ridley,” Williams quipped.

Steven Spielberg confirmed John Williams will be returning to score Indiana Jones 5 at the recent American Film Tribute, which also sees Spielberg and Harrison Ford returning.

“John Williams will come back and score [the film], absolutely,” Spielberg said, reports Yahoo.

Spielberg is also directing Ready Player One, based on the novel of the same name, which will once again reunite Spielberg and John Williams.

“This man’s gifts echo, quite literally, through all of us, around the world and across generations,” AFI president-CEO Bob Gazzale said, reports Variety. “There’s not one person who hasn’t heard this man’s work, who hasn’t felt alive because of it. That’s the ultimate impact of an artist.”

Star Wars: Episode VIII has a December 15, 2017 release; Indiana Jones 5 is due out July 19, 2019, and Ready Player One has a March 30, 2018 release.