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Jeremy Renner Jokes Hawkeye Dies For Avengers: Infinity War

Jeremy Renner Jokes Hawkeye Dies For Avengers: Infinity War

One big complaint, at least by yours truly, regarding Captain America: Civil War is that there were no ramifications and also that no Avenger died.

It’s thought that might all change with Avengers: Infinity War, especially after learning Thanos is going to kick all kinds of ass.

Many fans online think that since Captain America survived Civil War, that Cap might be the one to meet his maker with Winter Soldier taking over the shield. While that outcome may be probable, how about Hawkeye being an Avenger that dies? Jeremy Renner actually joked about the death of Hawkeye in an interview while promoting his latest movie Arrival.

“If I knew anything, I still couldn’t tell you,” Renner said about the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. “But I don’t know anything. I know there’s Infinity Wars, I know Avengers 3 and 4 are happening. I don’t know. Outside of my involvement or anything else, I can’t tell you. What if I’m dead in the first one? I don’t know. Who knows?

Jeremy Renner’s Arrival co-star, Amy Adams, chimed in with, “Are you? Is that a spoiler?”

Renner teased, “I might already be dead. No. I’m not sure.”

While we don’t know if Hawkeye will die in Avengers: Infinity War, Renner went on to state at least good things are planned for Hawkeye in the film. 

“I know the [talk] of what it’s about sounded fantastic,” Renner continued. “The Russo brothers have got some really great ideas, and they’re following certain parts of Infinity Wars. There’s some really exciting stuff for a lot of the characters, especially with what they’re thinking about doing with Hawkeye especially, I’m pretty excited about.”

The Avengers: Infinity War has a May 4, 2018 release directed by Joe and Anthony Russo starring Josh Brolin as Thanos.