Review: Jennifer Blood #1



Writer:   Garth Ennis

Artist:   Adriano Batista

Colorist:   Romulo Fajardo Jr.

Publisher: Dynamite


This series’ concept is a combination of La Femme Nikita, Serial Mom, and Punisher.  In short, I already love it.

By day, super-hottie blonde MILF, Jennifer, is a typical stay-at-home housewife soccer mom.  At night, she drugs her family to sleep, dons black leather and a black wig, arms herself to the teeth, and goes out to brutally kill criminals.  She returns home, showers, and makes love to her husband. 

To take a moment to editorialize – I have to say that it’s just not fair that all of the good ones are already taken.  You know – her husband is a bird watcher for F’s sake!  That clueless nerd doesn’t deserve her.  She needs to come on over to my house.   She wouldn’t even have to drug me before she goes off to do what she so enjoys. But I digress.

The concept sounds wacky but it really works.  Ennis is a fine writer – playing it fairly straight while he subtly satirizes the concept’s source material.  The violence, nudity, and sex make for a light R-rating – so, it’s definitely earned its chops as a “Mature Readership” title.

Batista’s art and Fajardo’s colors set a perfect look and feel for this comic that matches the tone of the story.

Seriously guys – if you like tough vigilante female super-hero types – you’ll love Jennifer Blood.  It has already earned a top spot on my monthly pull list.  This comic has “soon to be a major motion picture” written all over it – so get in on the ground floor and pick this one up before it goes to reprint as it’s sure to be a major hit for Dynamite Publishing.

Comic Rating:  4.5 Stars

CILF Rating:  10

Article by:  Timelord