Jeff Bridges Is Back For Tron: Ares

The 74-year-old actor returns for the third film in the franchise and revealed the news on a podcast.

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Jeff Bridges is back for Tron: Ares, the third film in the franchise that is currently filming starring Jared Leto.

The 74-year-old actor starred in the original film released in 1982 as Kevin Flynn, the computer progammer and arcade owner who was transported into the virtual world.

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Bridges also returned for the 2010 sequel, Tron: Legacy, where twenty years later, his son searches for him after he has been missing for 20 years.

For Tron: Ares, Jeff Brides revealed to the Film Comment podcast, that he is back for the third movie.

“I’m heading off this Saturday to play a part in the third installment of the Tron story,” Bridges said. “Jared Leto is the star of this third one. I’m really anxious to work with him; I’ve admired his work.”

Update: Disney confirmed Jeff Bridges is back with a BTS look on social media.

“Jeff Bridges returns to the grid,” said Disney. 

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“Going to really push forward what can be done”

Along with Jared Leto, Tron: Ares is also starring Cameron Monaghan who recently teased the special effects for the film. 

“I think this one, in a very similar way, is going to really push forward what can be done, from a visual perspective,” he told Collider. “I would sometimes even come in on days I wasn’t working, because that set was really amazing. A lot of the practical sets were pretty phenomenal, and I would love to go look at those as well.”

Monaghan also said he is a fan of the first one starring Jeff Bridges as well as the sequel.

“I remember watching the original, and I thought it was from the ’90s or something, because it was pretty amazing how a movie from that era could look that amazing, and utilizing computers the way they did,” Monaghan said.

He added: “Tron Legacy, I just saw projected in 35MM at the New Beverly last year, and it really holds up, and has that amazing soundtrack by Daft Punk. So I like that those movies have a number of years of separation between them. They don’t come out very often, and every time they do, they show a new era of technology and filmmaking.”

Tron: Ares doesn’t have a released date as of yet; Joachim Rønning is the director. The synopsis teases that the film follows a highly sophisticated Program, Ares (Leto), who is sent from the digital world into the real world on a dangerous mission, marking humankind’s first encounter with A.I. beings.

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