Jake Gyllenhaal Rumored For New Batman

Jake Gyllenhaal Rumored For New Batman

A new rumor has hit the net stating Matt Reeves wants Jake Gyllenhaal to play his Caped Crusader in the upcoming Batman movie.

It’s been said for months that Ben Affleck wants out of playing the DCEU Batman, and even Affleck himself has scoffed at playing Batman for two more movies and said he is trying to come up with a graceful exit from the role.

According to John Campea, who says he spoke with a Hollywood producer about it, Matt Reeves wants Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman. 

The Collider adds in their two cents and offers that Jake Gyllenhaal has met with Matt Reeves about the Batman role, but that Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t locked in as Batman, and that Reeves has met with other actors.

It’s said that everything basically depends on how Justice League does at the box office. While Aquaman, Wonder Woman 2 and Shazam! are happening, everything else is currently up in the air.

I just saw Justice League tonight and after watching it, I hope Ben Affleck sticks around as Batman. I thought he did a great job.

Regarding Jake Gyllenhaal as Batman, interestingly enough he was looked at to play Batman for the Christopher Nolan movies as reportedly Jake Gyllenhaal was writer David S. Goyer’s choice for Batman in the Dark Knight movies. 

Back in 2012, prior to Ben Affleck, we were also told Jake Gyllenhaal was WB’s top choice to play Batman following Christian Bale.

A producer in the DCEU also recently said the Matt Reeves Batman movie is a ways off.