Iron Man Captain America: Civil War Concept Art Mentions Bleeding Edge


iron man captain america civil war concept art

Check out a batch of Iron Man Mark 46 concept art for Captain America: Civil War.

Some people have been wondering if this is the MCU version of the Bleeding Edge armor. Check out what the concept artist has to say, which sounds like more or less the Bleeding Edge armor from the comics is an inspiration for the Civil War suit.

Spider-Man concept art and Black Panther concept art is also available.

The pics come from the Captain America: Civil War Art of the Movie book which is now available and can be picked up through Amazon.

“With  lot of Iron Man suits, we’ve always tried to be inspired by suits that have appeared in the comics before, whether aesthetically or conceptually,” concept artist Phil Saunders says. “One of the ones people had been eager for us to tackle was the comics’s Bleeding Edge armor — even if this suit doesn’t have the functionality of the Bleeding Edge armor. In Iron Man 3, we designed the Mark 42 with a level of detail complexity because of the panel-attachment function — various plates flying into him — which required a very fine line breakup. We were assuming that was the way he was going to continue to suit up. For both aesthetic and functional reasons, we felt it was necessary to continue that level of complexity in the Mark 45 armor, the last suit seen in Avengers: Age Of Ultron. That suit was very organic with anatomical musculature. For this suit, the Mark 46, I wanted to take it back a little more toward a mechanical design while still keeping that level of musculature to it. You’ll see in this design a lot of the lines flow more directly, and it has a much simpler color breakup.”

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