Independence Day 3 Could Be On TV


independence day 3 Independence Day 3 Could Be On TV

With Independence Day: Resurgence coming nowhere near its predecessor at the box office, it’s learned that Independence Day 3 could air on TV.

IDR netted $386 million worldwide compared to Independence Day‘s $817 million, which is over a billion in today’s dollars.

While promoting the home release of Resurgence, director Roland Emmerich spoke about the future of the franchise with Independence Day 3 .

“Next week I have a meeting with [20th Century Fox] first,” Emmerich told Coming Soon about Independence Day 3. “Not necessarily, I mean, [Independence Day: Resurgence] set things up for a sequel, but let’s see what happens.”

When asked, Emmerich also went on to confirm there were “yes, definetly also talks about that” regarding Independence Day 3 being on TV. 

Details for Independence Day 3 include, as hinted at the end of the second, that it will be an interstellar war.

“The next one will be an intergalactic journey,” Emmerich told Empire, prior to the release of Independence Day: Resurgence. “It’ll be [set] maybe a year or two later, not 20 years [on]. I want to maintain this group of people, especially the young characters, and Jeff [Goldblum] and Brent [Spiner] will take part in it. It’ll be fun to keep that group together.”

Regarding if we’ll ever see the Independence Day 3 in theaters, I certainly hope so. While Resurgence was nowhere near the first movie, I thought it was still a pretty fun flick though heavy on the cheesy side. I think if Independence Day 3 hits TV, the horrible budget that comes with that (assuming on network TV) will be more detrimental than its worth. The final go deserves to be on the big screen.