Honest Trailers: Batman Begins


honest trailers batman begins Honest Trailers: Batman Begins

Up next from Screen Junkies is the Honest Trailers version of Batman Begins.

Batman Begins debuted back in 2005 and saw Christopher Nolan relaunch the Batman brand with Christian Bale starring as the new Dark Knight.

Recently saw Coolio mention that he was supposed to star as Scarecrow in the sequel to Batman & Robin, which never got made as WB axed it, with eventually Nolan coming on board with his Dark Knight Trilogy.

The video actually mentions that this is one of the best Batman films, but not one of the most successful. More than likely fans were so turned off by what Joel Schumacher did with Batman & Robin that they were hesitant to go see Batman Begins. Obviously once word got out how good it was, fans couldn't get enough as The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises did over a billion each. 

Batman Begins netted over $374 million at the box office.