Review: Hack/Slash #2


pic Writer:  Tim Seely

Artist:  Daniel Leister

Colorist:  Mark Englert

Publisher:  Image

Release Date:  March 16th, 2011


Tim Seely is on freakin’ fire with this new series!  Thank you Mr. Seely for your most excellent storytelling.  You’re creating a new sub-genre of slasher horror with this book.  I can’t believe this material hasn’t been made into a movie or TV show yet.

Vlad and Cassie’s relationship is explored and developed in this issue as they once again face one of their most dangerous foes, Acid Angel.  Vlad’s sexual tension with and unrequited love for Cassie is laid bare by Acid Angel as she captures and tortures Vlad and Cassie; leading to an important confrontation between Vlad and Cassie at the end of this issue.  The diverse plot threads from last issue begin to converge in this issue as we learn why all of Cassie’s past vanquished foes are returning to life. 

Leister’s art and Englert’s coloring are impressive – bringing to life Seely’s superb writing and perfectly capturing the sultry sexiness of all the female characters.  This book is on my list of most anticipated monthly comics and it looks likely to hold that position for some time to come.