‘Gotham Knights’ Ratings Tank: Already At Cancellation Level

DC's newest show on The CW isn't off to a great start after only two episodes.

DC's newest show on The CW isn't off to a great start after only two episodes.

'Gotham Knights' Ratings Tank: Already At Cancellation Level

You can probably kiss Gotham Knights goodbye after one season as much like the reviews, the ratings are in the gutter after only two episodes and the series is now at cancellation level.

Tuesday’s Episode 2, “Scene of the Crime,” was watched by only 428k viewers, which is down from the pilot episode’s 609k viewers, so that is a loss of nearly 200k viewers.

Batwoman was canceled with around the same numbers after Season 3; Black Lightning was also canceled with similar and lower numbers, and ditto for the last couple of episodes of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Regarding the reviews, Gotham Knights is the lowest-rated DC series of all time on Rotten Tomatoes as the critics score is at 18%, and the Audience Score isn’t much better at 53%, which is awful for a comic book property.

All the other DC shows on The CW have much better reviews and are considered “fresh,” so you know that Gotham Knights must be a complete disaster.

Gotham Knights Rotten Tomatoes
Gotham Knights The CW

How can Gotham Knights be so bad?

You have to question why they would make the show in the first place and who would even greenlight it. It’s unbelievable. I just can’t imagine people sitting around their offices pitching this garbage and thinking it’s a good idea.

The show follows Batman who gets murdered so rising up to protect Gotham is Batman’s adopted son Turner Hayes, an original character created for the show; Joker’s daughter, Duela Doe; Harper Row who in the comics is Bluebird; Harper’s trans brother, Cullen Row who in the comics is actually homosexual not trans; Stephanie Brown aka Batgirl in the comics, and their sidekick is Carrie Kelley who Frank Miller made famous in Batman: The Dark Knight Returns but in Gotham Knights Carrie Kelley is a version of Robin from the comics who has been race-swapped in the show.

It’s like they got together and pitched a show to see how woke they could make it. I’d never let them near another DC property ever again.

I suppose the good news is that DC now falls under James Gunn and Peter Safran who hopefully will do a better job.

It’s known the Arrowverse will officially end on The CW with Season 9 of The Flash and that Superman & Lois (a good show), which also saw a big viewership drop of over 100k viewers on Tuesday, will have at least another season; so there won’t be any more low-budget DC shows as five will be released on HBO Max by James Gunn, with Sandman and Dead Boy Detectives on Netflix, and the new Batman animated series is headed to Amazon.

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