Gina Carano Slams Kathleen Kennedy, Disney Star Wars Shills

Carano further responds on Twitter following the South Park video.

Carano further responds on Twitter following the South Park video.

Gina Carano Slams Kathleen Kennedy, Disney Star Wars Shills

Gina Carano further slams Kathleen Kennedy and the Disney Star Wars shills which follows the actress’ response to the South Park video.

Paramount’s South Park: Joining the Panderverse episode features Cartman having a nightmare about how Kathleen Kennedy has destroyed Star Wars, questioning in part, “Why are they replacing every single character with someone who is diverse?”

Gina Carano first responded to the footage on Twitter as follows (and then more below):

“This is the part where KK demands any YouTubers get censored off of YouTube for sharing and laughing at this hilarious episode, she’ll have YouTube disable the thumbs down option because of the ratio she’ll receive, then she’ll have her publicist ghouls make sure Variety and Hollywood Reporter run hit pieces about the South Park creators and their families smearing their names through every useful idiot she has under her thumb who would sell their soul to work for Lucas film, she’ll activate her online mob to repeat that the South Park creators are racist, bigot, transphobes, and demand the South Park creators publicly apologize by only using words she approves of and finally she’ll demand they subject themselves to a re-education course of 45 people in the lbgtq community zoom call to sit there and listen of how badly they got their feelings hurt all over a little boop of a South Park episode. But maybe just maybe the jig is up.”

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Don’t say “The force is female”

Gina Carano was fired by Disney and Kathleen Kennedy back in 2021 while starring in The Mandalorian and reportedly she was going to star in the Rangers of the New Republic spinoff series.

So following tweeting the reply above, a Star Wars fan podcast responded to Carano, “In case you were wondering, @ginacarano has lost her goddamned mind.”

Gina Carano took to Twitter to offer a lengthy reply responding to the Disney “yes men” and Star Wars shills (full text below):

Do you always call a woman crazy just because she has more first hand experience than you & says something you don’t like or understand? Bit misogynistic don’t ya think. Tsk tsk.

Curious if your overlords pay you or do y’all just go ahead & shove your whole head straight up their ass for free? I’m guessing for free. Might want to come out for some fresh air.

For some added context, not just for you but for the people reading, one of the things your overlords asked me to do was to unfollow certain accounts because they “said bad thing about Kathleen Kennedy.” That was a huge red flag for me.

If I were the head of one of the most powerful entertainment companies in the world, I would know that haters come with the territory & that maybe the “haters” are expressing their thoughts because they actually care and caring is a good thing because as long as they care well hey, we still have something to work with. Maybe we can win their hearts back eventually & maybe they do have some good things to add to the conversation (which they do & did). And at the very least they are still buying the product.

Look at Mando season 1, boom, the healing had begun.

If you are a proper good leader you learn how to embrace & communicate, not dictate & silence & demand your actors & directors unfollow & shame more than half of your fan base & the people who have stuck with the franchise for decades.

Side note, don’t say “The force is female” & then allow only the men to express their political views online. In fact just drop the ridiculous phrase completely.

One of the problems your overlords are having now is that they’ve made a lot of people completely stop caring about one of the most beloved franchises in history, all by bullying, pushing aggressive agendas & trying to silence the people criticizing them.

How are they able to tell stories they don’t understand when the ones they identify with are the Empire? They are literally trying to squash the little guys, the rebellion. No wonder the story telling is struggling.

They fired & dehumanized people like me who did absolutely nothing wrong, all to virtue signal to people like you, the Yes Men. But Yes Men unfortunately for you & them, do not drive culture. Maybe they were banking on the kids picking up the slack but one of the best things about this franchise is passing it from generation to generation to share, the competition is too high to throw out something as valuable as that. Why would one generation pass it on when you’ve disrespected & thrown them away?

Your overlords tried to hide behind the two opposing fan bases fighting each other instead of taking responsibility. So they encouraged the hate, all while virtue signaling they are standing up for minorities but instead using them as a shield & weapon. Funny enough just how our government works.

They think people will forget & yes maybe they will but for this moment they have heard the peoples voice & it shook them. They’re choosing to stick with their weak leadership who couldn’t handle YouTubers saying mean things online, when all it would’ve taken is a true leader to step in, take the reigns, take some responsibility, stop discriminating, apologize about the things that have been done wrong, step completely out of politics, be truly inclusive & they’d be back in business.. until then, they’re stuck with you, the Yes Men & their plummeting stock.

I’m not saying I’m right on all fronts but I am open hearted & refused to discriminate based off of powerful people telling me how to think & act & if there was something I needed to apologize for I would have in a heartbeat but I didn’t say or do anything wrong. People come up to me daily to shake my hand & thank me for taking a stand, even people who think diff.

One thing is true, good leadership makes for a better world, leading to healthier & happier people & better opportunity. Look around, we are watching the devastating effects of what bad leadership can do worldwide.

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