Frank Miller Documentary Canceled At My Cinemark; Fandango Keeps Fees (Rant)

We had a bad experience with Cinemark theaters and the Fandango app.

frank miller documentary canceled fandango fees

Just throwing this out there: I drove an hour to my nearest Cinemark to watch the Frank Miller documentary, and when I arrived, I found out it was canceled.

I did receive an e-mail at 5:30pm from Fandango that I received a “refund,” but I had already left, as my son and I were first grabbing a bite to eat before the show.

We’re from Buffalo, and we don’t have any Cinemark theaters, so the closest one is around an hour away in Rochester, NY.

frank miller american genius

The Frank Miller doc is/was only being shown in Cinemark theaters.

So we grabbed some Mexican at Mesquite Grill (it was awesome) and then made our way to Cinemark around 7:45pm (starts at 8pm).

As we walked into the theater, I pull out my phone and brought up the Fandango app to get the QR code for entry into the documentary.

However, the QR code wasn’t there. WTF?

Okay, so I went into my purchase history and found the Frank Miller doc, but when I clicked on it, a black screen first appeared and then I received the message, “You’re all set. Your $26.00 return was a success!”

WFT?! At first, I thought I hit a wrong button while looking for the QR code and thought I may have hit the refund button on accident.

However, I went up to the teller and asked about the Frank Miller doc. She told me they canceled it hours ago. WTF?!

I then asked to speak to the manager.

Well, it was some kid, and I kind of snapped and told him we drove an hour (can you tell I’m still pissed). He told us it was canceled due to technical difficulties but didn’t know why etc. etc. He asked us if we wanted the poster that came with the documentary, we said sure, and he also gave us two free passes (that I am going to drive and hour and use, right?).

Anyway, as we drove home, I remembered I bought the tickets using the Fandango app. Now, I have had to refund tickets on Fandango before. Recall how if you take the option to get your money back, Fandango keeps the F’N fees, right? However, if you go with the credit option, they give you 100% of what you paid back as credit, which includes the fees.

Well, guess what? When I got my refund for the Frank Miller doc, it didn’t include the F’N fees.

What a bunch of bullshit. Shit should be illegal (same with Ticketmaster). And they wonder why people hate going to the f’n movies.

End rant.

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