Keiynan Lonsdale Returning For The Flash Season 5

The Flash Season 5 Keiynan Lonsdale

Keiynan Lonsdale most recently starred on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, but the actor revealed in June that he is leaving the series; however, the good news is that Kid Flash will appear on The Flash Season 5.

The Flash Season 5 showrunner Todd Helbing confirmed the return of Keiynan Lonsdale and Wally West.

“You will see Wally in the first episode. He is in three episodes this season,” Helbing told Newsarama. “We don’t have as much time with Kid Flash as I think everyone would like to see, but the story we have for him is really cool.”

Keiynan Lonsdale

Regarding why Keiynan Lonsdale announced he was leaving the shows, the actor posted the following message to fans on social media:

Yo! Soo as a lot of you have now read, I’m not returning next season as a series regular for The Flash or Legends. It’s definitely not a total goodbye or ‘see ya never’ situation, cause Wally West will still be around when you need him the most! 🙂 It’s just that it won’t be full time anymore.

I’ve changed a lot in the past year (as you’ve probably noticed lol), and for infinite reasons my perspective on life & what I want from it now is just completely different. Because of that, my heart told me it was the right time to continue my journey on an unknown path, and I’m so damn grateful to both shows for honouring & respecting that with me.

I love Kid Flash, I love the family I’ve made, & I’m absolutely in love with the invaluable lessons I’ve learnt along the way. Thank you for believing in me & rooting for Wally to thrive, you honestly helped me see that i did indeed deserve to play him, & that $#!+ right there made me a stronger actor.

Anyway, I hope you stick around for the new adventures, the only thing I can promise is Magic.

Love Keiy

It’s also been said that Keiynan Lonsdale will appear in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 premiere.

The Flash

The Flash Season 5 premiers Tuesday, October 9 on The CW starring Grant Gustin.

The Flash Season 5