The Flash Season 3 Villains Revealed


flash season 3 villains The Flash Season 3 Villains Revealed

The villains of The Flash Season 3 stand revealed.

In addition to Dr. Alchemy who was revealed to be a baddie during The Flash Comic-Con trailer, today at the Television Critics Association press tour it’s revealed the speedster Savitar will be another villain for The Flash Season 3 who will do battle with Barry Allen, with the actor yet to be cast.

In the comics, Dr. Alchemy is chemist Albert Desmond who suffers a multiple identity disorder with one being a scientist and the other a criminal. Prior to becoming Dr. Alchemy, Desmond was called Mr. Element as he wielded an element gun that affects the structure of elements. Eventually, Desmond would become Dr. Alechemy, who with the power of the Philosopher’s Stone, could transmute elements and often battled The Flash.

Savitar, in the comics, is a former Eastern Bloc military pilot who adopts the name Savitar after the Hindu god of motion when his plane is struck down by lightning, thought to be the speed force. Savitar realizes he has super speed and becomes obsessed with knowing everything he can about the speed force, which includes attempting to steal other speedster’s speed, and he even forms a cult.

The Flash Season 3 returns this October on The CW.