The Flash Season 3 Casts Savitar


flash season 3 savitar The Flash Season 3 Casts Savitar

Update #2: Todd Lasance has been cast as The Rival.

Update: Producer Greg Berlanti has said they have not cast Savitar and the source of the article has removed the reference.

Original article:

Comic-Con saw two villains revealed for The Flash Season 3 with Dr. Alchemy and a new speedster Savitar.

Now it’s announced who will play Savitar, with Dr. Alchemy planned to be announced at a later date (as of right now he is being voiced by Tobin Bell, the man behind Saw villain Jigsaw).

THR reports Savitar is being played by Vampire Diaries‘ Todd Lasance.

It’s also confirmed The Flash Season 3 photos of the black-suited speedster are of Lasance as Savitar.

In the comics, Savitar is a former Eastern Bloc military pilot who adopts the name Savitar after the Hindu god of motion when his plane is struck down by lightning, thought to be the speed force. Savitar realizes he has super speed and becomes obsessed with knowing everything he can about the speed force, which includes attempting to steal other speedster’s speed, and he even forms a cult.

Another baddie confirmed for The Flash Season 3 is Gorilla Grodd.

“The Flash” returns for Season 3 on Tuesday, October 4th at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

Todd Lasance:

The Flash Season 3 Comic-Con trailer: