Ezra Miller’s Response To Allegations Is ‘Absolute Horseshit’

Following the release of 'The Flash' the actor addresses claims made against him.

Following the release of 'The Flash' the actor addresses claims made against him.

Ezra Miller's Response To Allegations Is 'Absolute Horseshit'

Following the release of The Flash movie, Ezra Miller takes to social media to address claims made against him in regards to a 12-year-old girl getting granted an order of protection, which a judge recently let expire.

Following the expiration, Miller said in part on his Instagram story (read below) that he was “unjustly and directly” targeted; however, the reporter of the original story took to Twitter to state that “what miller is saying here is absolute horseshit.”

The original article alleges that Ezra Miller menaced the family of the 12-year-old one evening in their downstairs neighbor’s home and “acted inappropriately toward the nonbinary youngster.”

ezra miller responds allegations

Ezra Miller’s response to allegations:

I’m encouraged by today’s outcome and very grateful at this moment to everyone who has stood beside me and sought to ensure that this egregious misuse of the protective order system was halted.

Protective orders are meant to provide safety for individuals, families, and children who are in danger. They are not meant to be used as weapons by those seeking attention or fleeting tabloid fame or some sort of personal vengeance when there are people in true and dire need of these services.

I have been unjustly and directly targeted by an individual who the facts have shown has a history of such manipulative and destructive actions.

I implore those members of the media who have recklessly spread false claims and failed to accurately report the truth and context of this story, to hold themselves to a higher standard and take the time to find the facts, rather than chasing the clicks.

On a personal note, I want everyone to know that I am continuing to do my best to preserve my own wellness and what I can to reverse the collateral damage this ordeal has brought upon me and those close to me.

Finally, to all you many beings in this world who have had the enormous courage to see me through it all and make it here with me – I will spend a long time trying to explain to you what it has meant to have your support.

You have my undying gratitude, admiration, and love.


(above image of Ezra Miller – WORLD PREMIERE – LOS ANGELES – 6/12/2023 Photo by Eric Charbonneau)

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