Ethan Hawke Joins ‘Moon Knight’


Ethan Hawke joins the cast of Marvel’s Moon Knight series that is coming to Disney Plus.

Hawke, known for Training Day and The Purge, joins the MCU in an unspecified role but is said to be playing the main villain of the series.

Potential villains for Moon Knight that Ethan Hawke could be playing include Black Spectre, Jake Fury, Seth the Immortal, Werewolf By Night, or even Dracula.

Recently saw Oscar Isaac confirmed as the titular character of the series in addition to the directors.

“We’re directing some episodes of Marvel’s Moon Knight starring Oscar Isaac,” Justin Benson tweeted who will be directing episodes with Aaron Moorhead. “I had this comic handed to me when I was 8 years old and haven’t stopped thinking about it since. And with Mohamed Diab also on it, genius director of Clash… Tempted to thank an ancient lunar deity.”

Moorhead also tweeted: “I still can’t quite wake up from this dream I’m having, that we’re directing Oscar Isaac in a Marvel show. It’s really happening.”

Moon Knight Disney Plus

Moon Knight will bring a new vibe to MCU

At last month’s Disney Investor Day presentation, Kevin Feige also described the series: “Bringing a whole new different vibe to the MCU, Moon Knight is an action-adventure Indiana Jones-type story coming to life as a Disney Plus series directed by Mohamed Diab. The character Moon Knight is a complex vigilante who suffers from dissociative identity disorder, and these multiple identities that live inside him are very distinct characters in the series. The backdrop of our story is incredible Egyptian iconography. Egyptology is something the world has always been fascinated by, and we are going to tap into it in a fun and bold way in Moon Knight.”

Jeremy Slate, known for The Umbrella Academy, is the showrunner and executive producer.

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