Echo Post-Credit Scene Confirms Daredevil: Born Again Leaks

The post-credit scene lines up with the details revealed following news of the reboot.

Echo Post-Credit Scene Confirms Daredevil: Born Again Leaks

The Echo post-credit scene confirms those Daredevil: Born Again plot leaks involving the Kingpin.

Right around when it was learned the Daredevil: Born Again series is set to get retooled, massive plot leaks hit the net offering details about what the series is going to be about.

Up until now, the extent of the changes to Daredevil: Born Again haven’t been known, but according to the Echo post-credit scene, some of the original plans are apparently still set in place.

Note: Spoilers follow.

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What is the Echo post-credit scene?

So following have been defeated by Echo, Kingpin puts hits tail between his legs and heads back to NYC. While onboard his plane, he watches the news where the reporters talk about all the problems in NYC and that what they city needs is someone who understands the frustration and pain they are going through. One of the reporters remarks the city needs a “bare-knuckle brawler” that “would do well in this race,” which sets off a lightbulb in Kingpin.

According to rumors, the original plan in Echo was to have Daredevil appear at the end of the series, which would have seen Echo directly connect to Daredevil: Born Again. However, it’s thought that got scrapped when Echo underwent reshoots, and instead, Echo sets up Kingpin in Daredevil: Born Again to win the NYC mayoral race.

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What are the Daredevil: Born Again leaks?

Again, it’s unknown how much of the original plans for Daredevil: Born Again will stick.

The leaks offer that Matt Murdock quit being Daredevil for a year, White Tiger is on trial as an accused cop killer, Vincent D’Onofrio’s Kingpin suspiciously wins an election for mayor, and corrupt cops are involved who favor the use of the Punisher skull logo.

Regarding Kingpin, the leaks state Kingpin wins the election thanks to a campaign backing law enforcement while also discouraging street-level heroes like Punisher, Daredevil, and Spider-Man.

It’s also guessed Kingpin has a hand in why White Tiger is on trial for killing cops which leads to feuds with both Daredevil and Jon Bernthan’s Punisher.

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