Dwayne Johnson Donates $5 Million To Maui Amid Oprah Winfrey Backlash

Fans aren't happy with the pair of celebrities' actions and response.

Dwayne Johnson Donates $5 Million To Maui Amid Oprah Winfrey Backlash

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson donates $5 million to Maui following the catastrophic Hawaiian fires that decimated homes and businesses including the town of Lahaina.

Johnson has actually been receiving massive backlash on social, particularly on TikTok and Instagram, along with Oprah Winfrey, for their response, which has seen the pair create a fund to benefit Hawaiians which has started with $10 million.

But due to the government’s lack of response and the fact both Johnson and Winfrey (whose house wasn’t damaged) are wealthy, local Hawaiians and many online have scoffed at Johnson and Winfrey’s actions.

Billionaires begging for money! Who else hates Oprah!

Videos on TikTok that have hundreds of thousands of views include titles such as “Billionaires begging for money! Who else hates Oprah!”

Another states, “People are outraged at The Rock and Oprah for using a tragedy to get a tax write off!”

The post on Instagram by Johnson and Winfrey announcing the People’s Fund of Maui also has many comments questioning the pair’s intentions.

“The rich asking for the poor to donate. It’s hilarious,” states comments with thousands of likes.

Another person who claims they lost their house says they haven’t seen any donations.

“We dont see those donation’s onky talk i lost my house that i lived in for 40 yr’s where my boys born and raised my sister lost her home witch was our parent’s home we grew up in almost 60 yr’s in lahaina 4 genaration’s we need help its not looking good,” said livelovehonolua.

Oprah’s net worth is listed at $2.5 billion and Johnson is said to be worth at least $800 million.


Dwayne Johnson who grew up in Hawaii posted a video on social media announcing he is donating $5 million to the People’s Fund of Maui and makes it clear that “EVERY DOLLAR will GO DIRECTLY TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL affected by this tragedy.”

“Checking in from MAUI. Deadliest wildfires to hit America in 100 years,” posted Johnson. We’re meeting the IMMEDIATE NEED of the thousands of people & families who’s lives have been destroyed.?

Johnson continued, “We created the @peoplesfundofmaui where EVERY DOLLAR will GO DIRECTLY TO EVERY INDIVIDUAL affected by this tragedy. I donated $5 million. That cash will go directly to people affected. IMMEDIATELY. And plan to raise and donate much more.”

Johnson added, “To our people of MAUI affected by these deadly fires, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE sign up * LINK IN MY BIO * or @peoplesfundofmaui or PeoplesFundOfMaui.Org We created this fund for YOU. STAY STRONG. #PeoplesFundOfMaui.”

It takes a village

Oprah also recently posted and said it takes a village.

“It takes a village and I’m so proud to be a part of the village bringing aid to the Maui residents affected by the wildfires with @peoplesfundofmaui. From the 10,000 people who have personally donated to the organizations who have been helping since day one to the community leaders who offered their insights to the friends calling me saying they too want to support, we thank you,” she said.

Oprah continued, “We’ve already had thousands of those affected sign up for assistance and we are working as quickly as we can to verify them and get the money delivered. Everyone is welcome to support however they can. Visit PeoplesFundOfMaui.Org or tap the link in my bio to learn more.”