‘Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves’ Is More Woke Garbage

Big surprise: All the male characters in the movie are intentionally made to look like losers.

Big surprise: All the male characters in the movie are intentionally made to look like losers.

'Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves' Is More Woke Garbage

Well, no one saw this coming but it’s RIP Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves as the flick is confirmed to be more Hollywood woke garbage.

I grew up playing D&D as a kid and have fond memories of creating the characters and battling hordes of monsters as I rolled the multi-sided dice. We would get the neighborhood kids together and play in our garages setting up chairs and tables to do battle. We would spend hours going through the modules and the Monster Manual which offered a glimpse of the creatures inside. The game is all about imagination, but the cool cover artwork and the various companions set the tone.

Fast forward to 2023 and Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is getting released, a new movie that is based on the property, but of course, it’s learned they went the woke route for the flick.

I wasn’t actually sure if it was going woke, but I knew it was going to be goofy based on Chris Pine playing a Bard and what I’ve seen from the footage. I figured it was just another wannabe goofy Guardians of the Galaxy-type movie.

Michelle Rodriguez Barbarian Dungeons and Dragons
Michelle Rodriguez plays the Barbarian

They “love emasculating leading men”

However, in an interview with the directors and writers, it was learned they changed everything about the characters in order to fit with their agenda, which is the definition of wokeness.

Oddly, co-director Jonathan Goldstein claims it isn’t woke, but it seems likely he is just trying to deflect opposition to his movie, as woke after woke project has failed big time in Hollywood, and no doubt, Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves will be next and they don’t want the “woke” label.

Speaking with Variety, the directors of the flick reveal they intentionally emasculated the male characters and made the female characters look better: that’s woke AF.

They went out of their way to make the male characters look like big p-ssies while the female characters are the strong ones: that’s woke AF.

Variety mentioned they notice in the movie the female characters were doing all the fighting while the male characters just watched: that’s woke AF.

John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein answer back they didn’t intentionally go out of their wake for wokeness (yet they say they “love emasculating leading men”???) and that they thought it was “funny and fresh.”

Are they serious? They intentionally destroyed the male characters so the female characters would look better. That’s woke AF.

Why not make both sets of characters look good?

They also bring up Spider-Man and Iron Man and say they wanted to challenge the male characters in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves, but I don’t recall Spider-Man and Iron Man standing back and watching as MJ and Aunt May save the day. Essentially what they are doing, again, is trying to deflect that their D&D movie is woke AF and bring in Spider-Man and Iron Man into the conversation in an attempt to appease the fans (“see our Spider-Man: Homecoming movie is good, so this one is, too”). You can challenge a male hero not by making him a big p-ssy. This is just complete garbage and nonsense.

Here is the excerpt:

Variety: In that vein, I was really struck in “Honor Among Thieves” that the lead female characters — Michelle Rodriguez’s Holga and Sophia Lillis’ Doric — are at the forefront of the action scenes, and the men are often hanging back. 

GOLDSTEIN: That was not an attempt at wokeness on our part.

DALEY: Swear to God, it wasn’t. We liked that Holga is the bruiser that does the dirty work for Edgin, and he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty. We also love emasculating leading men. 

GOLDSTEIN: Not for woke reasons!

DALEY: Just because it’s funny and fun and fresh. It was the dynamic we had with Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman’s characters in “Game Night.” 

GOLDSTEIN: Or Tom Holland versus Robert Downey Jr. in “Spider-Man.” We like our male heroes to be challenged and not simply heroic. 

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves going woke isn’t a surprise as the game has been woke as well.

An exec for Wizards Of The Coast recently came out against white dudes playing the game (so of course the dudes in the movies are going to come off as awful), and I think the game has removed use of the term “race” for being racist (huh?), and even removed content deemed “problematic.”

Yep, woke.

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