The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for 4/24/2013



The Top of the Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This is a “quick pick” look at the Top 5 comics that EVERYONE should be reading this week! Whether it’s rife with astounding visuals, has top notch characterization, is filled with emotional strife, has a bevy of high octane battle sequences or is just a plain ol’ great read — these books belong at the “Top Of The Pile!” (In no particular order!)



1. Uncanny Avengers #7 (Marvel): Rick Remender has crafted a series that has fans debating, completely awestruck and overtly excited! This week he melds a storyline from Jason Aaron’s amazing Thor: God of Thunder into his own tale and the payoffs are incredible! Tensions flare between our “mutant” and “non-mutant” heroes but that isn’t the main draw of this book. If you are a cosmic fan, this issue will give you something you have never seen before! What could make a Celestial ever feel sadness? You have to read it to believe it!



2. Jupiter’s Legacy #1 (Image): Frank Quitely brings his artistic talents to Image Comics to render a book that will become an instant classic! Written by fan favorite Mark Millar, Jupiter’s Legacy, is an up close and personal look at the lives of the children of the world’s greatest super heroes. But, how can they truly become their own heroes when they will always be in the shadows of their astounding parents? For that matter, why would they want to spend their days slugging it out with world conquering villains when they can just relax and let the “old folks” save the day! A very poignant look at the perils of youth, blind obedience and the failing economic climate of the modern world. Fantastic stuff form a fantastic team!



3. Joe Hill’s Terrifyingly Tragic Treasury Edition (IDW): This over-sized extravaganza of horror laced tales by Stephen King’s son, is just the thing to keep you up at night. This $10 book may seem like a steep price tag for reprints of four previously released tales but, believe me, it is well worth it! Inside you will find the “Kodiak” one shot, that will have you never wanting to go in the woods again, the Eisner Award winning tale “The Cape” about a man that chooses to use his power of flight to right a wrong, the Locke and Key short “Open the Moon” and the final off-beat tale of Seth Fisher in “Freddie Wertham Goes to Hell.” Creepy and thought-provoking stuff that will whet your appetite for the release of Joe Hill’s new novel, NOS4A2, about a child abductor that comes out April 30th!



4. B.P.R.D.: Vampire #2 (Dark Horse): Thematically reminiscent of Herman Melville’s classic Moby-Dick, this tale of longing and revenge is turning out to be an instant classic in and of itself! Beautifully horrific art by brothers Fabio Moon and Gabriel Ba helps to solidify Mike Mignola’s tale as a pure masterpiece of cryptic wonderment. Haunted characters, vampire cults and plenty of witchcraft will make you second guess those shadows looming in the corners!



5. Avengers Arena #8 (Marvel): Let’s begin with talking about an ending, shall we? Why would we start at the end you might ask? Because that’s what EVERYONE will be talking about after today! Some fans will cheer, some fans will protest but all fans will get involved with the discussion about the end! Especially, since some endings are actually new beginnings — cryptic enough for ya? Dennis Hopeless has created an outstanding series that is character driven, shocking and enthralling. Plus, there still is that ending that hangs over our heads!

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