The “DOC’s” Top Of The Pile for 3/27/2013



The Top of the Pile

By: Chris “DOC” Bushley


This is a “quick pick” look at the Top 5 comics that EVERYONE should be reading this week! Whether it’s rife with characterization, filled with emotional strife, has a bevy of high octane battle sequences or is just a plain ol’ great read — these books belong at the “Top Of The Pile!” (In no particular order!)



1. Uncanny Avengers #5 (Marvel):  If you have EVER been a fan of the X-Men or Avengers — this is the book for you! Rick Remender is a master of bringing such intricate details from past storylines into current and future tales, that it should almost be illegal! Familiar characters from his Uncanny X-Force run emerge, babies are born, the line-up expands, major Avengers villains return and Havok yells, “Avengers Assemble!” What else do you need in a comic? NOTHING!



2. Teen Titans #18 (DC):  Something isn’t quite right with Tim Drake after the events of “Death of the Family.” Now, after Robin’s death, it is even more apparent that there are some dark secrets tugging at Tim, ones that will put him on a path with the Suicide Squad! Great character build-up and the return of Superboy (at least for now!) help this one land on the Top of the Pile!




3. B.P.R.D.:Vampire #1(of 3) (Dark Horse):  Directly following the events of the critically acclaimed mini-series, B.P.R.D.:1947, Mike Mignola brings a tale of revenge and blood back to the stands this week. But, he didn’t come alone! Fan favorites, Gabriel Ba’ and Fabio Moon return as well to tell the tale of Agent Anders and his loss of humanity at the hands of vampires! Great stuff!



4. Red Team #2 (Dynamite): Garth Ennis’ tale of a quartet of police officers that cross the line in order to ensure another bad guy doesn’t “slip through the cracks of Justice,” continues this week and it’s a doozy! This book has perfect characterization and will make you question all you ever thought of what’s right and what’s wrong. This is a fantastic morality play and is well worth the $3.50!




5. Uncanny X-Force #3 (Marvel): Yes, it’s another “Uncanny” title, but they are just so good! Stan Humphries does X-Men history stories almost as well as Rick Remender and it’s astounding! We get a short origin of Psylocke, some triple Fantomex action and we finally get to see Bishop unleash his inner beast! Now that I wrote it, that does sound a little strange on paper but, believe me, it’s even stranger when you read it! A very cool story that leaves you wanting the next thirty days to fly by!

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