Destiny: The Taken King Launch Trailer Featuring Led Zeppelin


Watch a new gameplay launch trailer for the Destiny: The Taken King DLC, which features the music of Led Zeppelin with “Black Dog.”

Oryx smells the blood of his son on your hands, Guardians. Now The Taken King comes for us all.  

“The Destiny: The Taken King” DLC becomes available September 15th.

Taken King synopsis:

Civilization as we know it is in peril. Oryx, also known as The Taken King, has entered our solar system with the sole purpose of revenge. After the Guardians destroyed his son, Crota, his goal is to consume our worlds with the help of his corrupted army. It’s up to you to defeat the king’s evil hordes, overtake the Hive Dreadnaught ship and finally go head-to-head with The Taken King himself. The latest chapter in the Destiny series expands the universe you know and love with new locations, powerful new abilities and an all-new storyline that’s as riveting as the last.

Destiny: The Taken King brings you back to the Destiny universe, as you fight to destroy Oryx, an evil king with a hard grudge who’s determined to take down the entire solar system. It’s your job to find a way onto his Dreadnaught ship, obliterate his dark army and kill the king himself. You’ll have access to three new Guardian subclasses, a wealth of weapons, armor and other gear and powerful new abilities. Select the Warlock subclass to harness the power of an electrical storm, the Hunter subclass to carve bows from gravitational void energy or the Titan subclass to summon a flaming hammer. Enjoy an expansion of the Destiny universe with a Cabal base on Phobos and Oryx’s loot-filled fortress, the Dreadnaught. This Legendary Edition also contains Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below and Expansion II: House of Wolves, so you can experience the entire series.


Pre-order to upgrade your weapon arsenal with an early access weapons pack that includes a Vanguard-themed auto rifle, pulse rifle and side arm*

Legendary Edition includes Destiny: The Taken King, plus Destiny, Expansion I: The Dark Below and Expansion II: House of Wolves

Save the entire solar system from the evil Oryx, The Taken King, whose goal is to achieve revenge against the Guardians for killing his son, Crota

Access a massive arsenal of weapons, armor and other gear that will help you on your quest to defeat the king’s malicious army

Take on brand-new subclasses with new abilities — become a Warlock to use the power of an electrical storm against your enemies, take on the Hunter class to carve bows from gravitational void energy and serve as a Titan to summon flaming hammers

Explore new locations in the Destiny universe, including a Cabal base on Phobos and Oryx’s flagship, the Dreadnaught

Follow different questlines, defeat an assortment of powerful bosses and eventually capture The Taken King himself