‘Despicable Me 4’ & Steve Carell Troll Marvel, DC, Dwayne Johnson

Watch the video announcing the creation of a 'Despicable Me' Megaverse with the Mega Minions. Tickets now on sale.

despicable me 4 steve carell troll marvel dc dwayne johnson

Mega Minions, assemble?!

This is pretty hilarious as Illumination has released a new promo to announce tickets are now on sale that sees Despicable Me 4 and Steve Carell troll the Marvel and DC superhero movie universes, as well as Dwayne Johnson and Black Adam.

The official movie Twitter account posted a video with Steve Carell where the actor announces a massive Despicable Me “Megaverse.”

illumination despicable me 4 megaverse

“The hierarchy of power in the Illumination universe is about to change”

“The hierarchy of power in the Illumination universe is about to change,” states the tweet. “Visit http://EnterTheMegaverse.com to begin your journey. #DM4 only in theaters July 3, get your tickets now.”

The tweet is a reference to Dwayne Johnson promoting Black Adam and stating, “The hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change” (the MultiVersus video game from WB also trolls The Rock).

despicable me megaverse 1

Megaverse timeline

In the video, Steve Carell reveals “plans” for the Megaverse timeline, which spans 50 movies over 100 years, an obvious dig at Marvel who regularly reveals timelines in their various MCU phases. Carell also reveals the Mega Minions, which appear to be the franchise’s “take” on The Avengers and Justice League superheroes.

“By now you’ve probably heard of the Mega Minions. Five Minions with incredible power and zero responsibility,” says Carell who provides the voice of Gru in the movies. “But Despicable Me 4 is just the beginning.”

despicable me megaverse 3

“Fifty interconnected Mega Minion stories”

Carell continues, “Presenting, Illumination’s MegaVerse. Fifty interconnected Mega Minion stories sure to cross a variety of mediums on an irregular basis for the next one hundred years. From their debut in Despicable Me 4, the Mega Minions are charting a course from the big screen to the small screen, from the future of the present to the present of the past, and from stages of Broadway to the ice rinks of Jacksonville, Florida… excited… you should be!”

Watch the video below.

Fans can order tickets and check out the entire Megaverse on the official website.

Despicable Me 4 opens in theaters on July 2, 2024.

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