DC Comics New Manager To ‘Inspire Diverse Fan Base’


DC has a new senior vice president and general manager with Daniel Cherry III who lets it be known he wants to “inspire an increasingly diverse global fan base.”

WarnerMedia named Daniel Cherry III the new manger of DC last week, which sees Cherry work alongside DC’s chief creative officer and publisher Jim Lee, with them both reporting directly to Warner Bros. global brands and experience president Pam Lifford.

Daniel Cherry III is the former chief marketing officer of Activision Blizzard’s esports division, and he also worked in marketing for the alcoholic beverage company Diageo and professional sports teams the New Jersey Devils and New York Cosmos.

Cherry’s duties at DC include overseeing DC’s business affairs, manufacturing, editorial, talent services, marketing, sales, brand and direct to consumer, and business development, and Cherry will also work closely with Jim Lee, who WarnerMedia says will take on “expanded responsibilities surrounding the overall DC brand.”

Daniel Cherry III DC Comics

Daniel Cherry III’s responsibility is to “leverage the cultural power” of DC Comics

Regarding catering to a more diverse crowd in comics, Cherry updated his LinkedIn with the following where he also notes “it’s our responsibility to leverage the cultural power of DC Comics and our characters”:

“I’ve been a huge DC fan since I first discovered the joy of comics from my father, who collected Shazam oversized comics from the ’70s/ I am standing on the shoulders of giants like Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson, Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Neal Adams, Harry Lampert, and so many others. I’m especially proud to be continuing the legacy of fellow Ohioan and Cleveland native Jerry Siegel, who created Superman.

While always respecting the past, I also think it’s our responsibility to leverage the cultural power of DC Comics and our characters to entertain and inspire an increasingly diverse global fan base. Comics have the unique power to create resonant imagery and narratives that can move the world toward a better, more inclusive version of itself.”

On Twitter, Cherry happened to name-drop Green Lantern John Stewart, where he also describes himself as a “social activist”: