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Review: Superman Unchained #1

Posted: 06/12/2013 - 14:45

Scott Snyder takes on DC's "Big Blue Boy Scout" in an explosive and stunning read that will have longtime fans feeling rejuvenated and ecstatic!

The dynamic duo of Snyder and superstar artist, Jim Lee, combine their masterful talents to DC's oldest superhero. But, does all the hype pay off, especially for five dollars? This skeptic must give a resounding -- Yes!

From the first page, you can feel Snyder's skillful presence in every word and realize this is a Superman story that goes deeper than just the flash bang heroics of years past. He gives us a character that genuinely feels epic. His motions are calculated and even though he my feel a twinge of panic internally, he does nothing but exude confidence and calm to those he is saving from imminent danger. He is a hero that would exhaust every possibility before showing the populace an ounce of doubt and that is the true core of Superman. So, what makes this book different than all the others?

The tale is one veiled in secrecy. There are many components at play and the underlying current that Snyder exudes is one of insecurity. Something is hiding in the world and it may become the catalyst that will eventually crack the Man of Steel. The best part is that it is none of the usual suspects, unless it is and Snyder has given us a red herring! This threat is deeper than anything else seen before, something that will strike true fear in the heart our hero, something that will shake his confidence in his own abilities.

What takes this particular series over the top besides Scott Snyder's story? The inclusion of Jim Lee on art of course! Everything Lee touches exudes energy! What character is more iconic, explosive and impressive than Superman? None that I can think of! Lee is the perfect compliment to Snyder and even the "down time" character pieces seem more powerful with Lee on art chores!

My only issue with the book is the fold-out poster that contains part of the story within it. Fans will not want to remove it in order to read those parts and it hinders the story slightly. An outstanding, fold-out Jim Lee poster that could be removed and displayed without defacing the integrity of the book would have been a better option! 

So, Happy 75th Superman, Snyder and Lee have made me a fan all over again!