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JJ Abrams Done With Remake/Reboot TV / Movies

Matt McGloin
Posted: 01/10/2017 - 10:17

J.J. Abrams, known for revitalizing Star Trek and Star Wars, says he is done with the remake and reboot business.

While at the Golden Globes, speaking with People (via SlashFlm) J.J. Abrams offers up he wants to focus on original things. 

You know, I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten involved in things that I loved when I was a kid. In fact, even Westworld, which we’re here for tonight, is one of them. But I don’t feel any desire to do that again. I feel like I’ve done enough of that, that I’m more excited about working on things that are original ideas that perhaps one day someone else will have to reboot.

Abrams goes on to mention that even if you are doing a reboot or remake, things should still move forward.

You know, I do think that if you’re telling a story that is not moving anything forward, not introducing anything that’s relevant, that’s not creating a new mythology or an extension of it, then a complete remake of something feels like a mistake.

J.J. Abrams continues with mention that stories will always be retold, but there should be a point behind it.

But film is a fairly young medium and there are stories that have lasted for centuries. And it’s not uncommon, I think, for stories to be retold — whether it’s at campfire or on film, but I think you always have to be additive. You can’t just be remaking something just for the sake of remaking it.

It will be interesting to see what J.J. Abrams does next. Hitting up IMDb, Abrams currently has no directorial projects upcoming. He is listed as producer on Star Wars and Mission Impossible, and there is a rumor he may direct Man of Steel 2, but with what he says above, it seems he won't be tackling Superman.