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Advanced Review: Uncanny X-Force #26

Posted: 06/12/2012 - 22:29

Phil Noto is back! Omega Red is back! Sabretooth is back! Mystique is back! The Brotherhood Of Evil Mutants is back! And the Rick Remender, that we all know and love — is back! For the first time in awhile, Uncanny X-Force brings back all the excitement, craziness, wittiness and brutality —  that made this THE best X book around! If you aren't salivating by the end of this book — you are dead inside!

The team is fractured! Betsy has quit, Fantomex has had his heart crushed by Psylocke and wallows in depravity, Deadpool no longer has a healing factor, and Nightcrawler and Wolverine are finding it hard to breathe with the Omega Clan pumping them full of toxins! Needless to say, the have seen better days! Especially, since there are even worse things lurking in the shadows, manipulating the course of X-Force's future with every passing minute! There is a storm coming, one that will burn X-Force to the ground —  if they can survive that long!

I have to say that I am so excited this book is finally back on track! Too many art changes, too many "out there" storylines; it seemed that the fanbase just became burnt out with all the changes —  me included! But now, after trudging through the "Otherworld" storyline, we are rewarded with this issue! Amazing art and Remender at the top of his game, we are privileged with greatness yet again! Weaving past, current and future storylines together, this issue paves the way for the future of X-Force. They have made too many enemies in the past, and now they will have to contend with the ramifications that people actually know they exist!

Remender brings all the things that has made this book so great in the past — back to the table. The suspense, the characterization and - of course - Deadpool's witty banter, is all there — making for one hell of a twisted ride! The viscous attacks, the personal struggles, the suspense — truly outstanding! Greatness is just waiting inside, ready for you to devour and let your hunger for great comics be satiated!

Remender and Noto have made this book outstanding! You shouldn't just get this book, you should be knocking people over and standing in triumph as you grab it off the shelves! Now — get to it!