Clancy Brown Wants To Play Sean Connery’s Ramirez In Highlander Reboot


clancy brown ramirez highlander

Clancy Brown, who plays Blackhand in this month’s release of Warcraft, chatted with Total Film magazine where the topic of Highlander was brought up in the article.

Brown played the iconic bad guy Kurgan in the 1986 classic, and now says he wants to play the part of Ramirez in the Highlander reboot.

“I remember they tried to make Highlander into a franchise, but the producers f—ed up; they were knuckleheads,” Brown said. “I think the reboot is going to be terrific. If they want to give me a cameo, I’ll play Sean Connery’s part, that’d be great!”

Clancy Brown also talked about the fighting in the movie.

“We had some great fights on Highlander. I made great friends with Bob Anderson, the sword master on that, and he was the greatest guy. I was 25, he showed me how to be a gentleman. I didn’t really take,” Brown joked.

Clancy Brown also commented on that well known Kurgan line, “It’s better to burn out than to fade away.”

“Yeah, that’s from Neil Young, but I was listening to Def Leppard at the time and that was on my soundtrack for Highlander… It is better to burn out than to fade away, but as long you can burn it for long… I’ve been able to burn it for a long time and I’m not anxious to fade away just yet. My last one, I’ll burn out, don’t you worry. I’ll go out with a bang.”

Regarding the Highlander reboot, The Huntsman: Winter War‘s Cedric Nicolas-Troyan has been working on it for a while and is on board to direct. Dave Bautista has been rumored to play the villain.

Warcraft has a June 10, 2016 release.