Chris Rock Wants JJ Abrams To Save Fantastic Four


jjabrams fantastic four

At the recent Tribeca Film Festival, Chris Rock and J.J. Abrams sat down for a Q&A, with Rock bringing up the Fantastic Four franchise.

As J.J. Abrams has saw success with Star Trek and Star Wars, Chris Rock asked Abrams to save Fantastic Four.

“Can you direct the Fantastic Four?” Rock asked him, reports “Can someone save it? I love the Fantastic Four, and they keep f—ing it up!”

The latest Fantastic Four reboot tanked pretty bad at the box office netting only $167 million worldwide. Rotten Tomatoes also squashed the movie with a 9% approval rating.

Currently, there doesn’t look to be Fantastic Four sequel in the works.

Honestly, I didn’t think FF was all that bad. If they fix Doom, the Thing and gave it a bit more story, it may have not been all that bad. 

Hey, with rumors of the X-Men going back to Marvel, maybe there is hope for Fantastic Four.