Captain Marvel Weighs 165 lbs. According To Marvel

captain-marvel-height-weight has updated their Carol Danvers wiki page to show that Captain Marvel actually weighs 165 lbs. standing at 5’11” tall.

Fans of Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel writer Kelly Sue DeConnick started a campaign to get the weight changed from an original 124 lbs.

On her Tumblr, DeConnick reposted what a fan has to say about how she doesn’t look like any of the models that fans have cast as Carol Danvers for the Captain Marvel movie, and that the character couldn’t possibly weigh 124 lbs:

CAROL DANVERS’ MARVEL WIKI PAGE OFFICIALLY GOT UPDATED!!! SHE IS NO LONGER 124lbs!! seriously, her official Marvel stats were 5’11” and 124lbs, look it up in printed books and encyclopedias. Finally, it looks like @kellysued beat them in the heads enough to convince them that a woman of that height, with those b–bs, and those muscles, weighs more than that. To put this in perspective, I’m 5’7” and 130lbs and you can look through my Instagram for what I look like. I’m not skinny, but I would have to be less than 116lbs to be comparable to her weight at my height, and I don’t even have b–bs. My over-all weight would have to be less than even that to accommodate the weight of b–bs. Wtf. But this is amazing. This makes me cry. I was feeling just terrible about myself all day because I’m making a Captain Marvel flight suit and I had to measure the circumference of my thighs and…ugh. I was feeling just disgusted with myself. And I kept just thinking about how tall Carol is and I’m not. And how she has b–bs and I don’t. And how she is skinny and I’m not. I look online and see models and skinny actresses being fan-cast as Carol and just get depressed because I could never be fan-cast because I’m not a skinny model too. I was just feeling awful. Then I went on the Marvel wiki to look at her stats again. (I look at her stats a lot, ok?) and saw that they had been updated. With a new photo also came new stats, and she is now 165lbs of sparkle fists, and I’m so happy I am crying. 

To put the height and weight in perspective:

Emily Blunt is listed at 5’7″ at around 115.

Katee Sackhoff is 5’6″ at maybe around 125 lbs.

Yvonne Strahovski is said to be 5’9″ at 130 pounds.

Natalie Dormer is 5’6″ at 120 pounds.

Katheryn Winnick is said to be 5’6″ at 114 lbs.


Gina Carano is around 145lbs at a height of 5’8.”

Adriana Karembeu: 6′ at 130lbs.

Karolina Kurkova:  5’11 at 130lbs.

Brie Larson is 5′ 7″ at 128lbs.