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Review: Bomb Queen versus Hack/Slash (One-Shot)

Review: Bomb Queen versus Hack/Slash  (One-Shot)


Writer/Artist:  Jimmie Robinson

Colorist:  Paul Little

Publisher:   Image

Release Date:  March 16th, 2011


My favorite scantily clad anti-heroine meets my favorite scantily clad villainess in this totally wicked and over-the-top pseudo sequel to the recent Bomb Queen mini-series.

Demon dog Pooch leads Cassie Hack and Vlad through a dimensional portal into the alternate dimension of Bomb Queen in search of Bomb Queen’s demon cat, Ashe.  It seems Ashe has been sending slashers to Cassie’s world as a prelude to invasion and Cassie means to put a stop to it.  Bomb Queen is also in search of her errant cat for purposes of stealing its demonic powers to add to her own.  The face off between Cassie and Bomb Queen is classic, sexy, and priceless.

Robinson is back in fine form with this one folks!  His writing is spot on for both Cassie and BQ – and his art is superb as always.  This story contains an important plot development for the Bomb Queen universe, so BQ fans won’t want to miss this fine One-Shot mature readers comic.