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Black Suit Superman Scenes Cut From Justice League

Matt McGloin
Posted: 12/06/2017 - 15:31
Black Suit Superman Scenes Cut From Justice League

We finally have confirmation that Zack Snyder was going to include Henry Cavill as Superman with the black suit in Justice League.

Despite so-called VFX artists leaks claiming the contrary, now Zack Snyder's Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner confirms they did film scenes with Henry Cavill as Superman in the black suit.

“There were [scenes shot],” Wagner told “It’s a cool looking costume. Sadly we didn’t see that either in the final cut.”

Wagner actually went on to state that quite a few scenes of Zack Snyder's were cut that he was looking forward to with his favorite being the Alfred "hope" scene featuring Batman's butler working on the Batmobile. Wagner wouldn't confirm it's Superman who shows up in the scene, as the cinematographer hopes the footage will be released one day.

It's also worth noting that Fabian Wagner was replaced as the cinematographer for the Justice League reshoots when Joss Whedon came on board, with it said the reason was due to a schedule conflict, so we know it was Zack Snyder who shot the Henry Cavill as Superman black costume scenes.

What a shame Whedon and WB cut the black Superman suit.

The more info that keeps coming out, the more it's realized that WB really ruined the movie.

We also now know Henry Cavill's tease of the black Superman suit on Instagram a while ago was legit, and Justice League merchandise also features the black Superman suit, so it was definitely planned.

Hopefully the Henry Cavill black Superman suits scenes make their way on to the Justice League Blu-Ray.


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