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Watch: How The CW Batman Could Connect To Gotham

Watch: How The CW Batman Could Connect To Gotham

About two weeks ago saw a rumor hit the net stating that Batman might be coming to The CW DC TV universe.

It’s speculated that WB has lifted their mandate on not sharing movie and TV characters due to Geoff Johns getting promoted to President of DC Entertainment, which may be the reason Superman is now a part of Supergirl.

If you think about it, it makes sense for WB to use the same characters across both their movie and television universes as – the obvious –  they are popular. Just think if Marvel also had a live-action Spider-Man TV show? Cha-Ching. And we see how successful The Flash TV series is, right?

That said, if Batman does show up on The CW, how are they going to incorporate the Caped Crusader into their universe?

The previous rumor made mention that Fox currently owns the Batman TV rights, which is tied up with Gotham. It’s said that Fox may share Batman for some sort of fee enabling The CW to use the Dark Knight; so if it does happen, it may make sense to connect The CW version of Batman to Fox’s Gotham.

Check out the video below by TheMrDarkPhoenix on YouTube suggesting just that — that The CW Batman is the same person as the Bruce Wayne from Gotham.

The Dark Phoenix also recommends Supernatural‘s Jensen Ackles as The CW Batman, which might not be another bad choice.