Batman, Bizarro Concept Art For Canceled Game Is Super Cool


Check out Batman and Bizarro super cool concept art for a canceled video game from artist Jerad S. Marantz.

If you think the art happens to look a lot like the Zack Snyder DCEU movies, that’s probably because Marantz has worked on Snyder’s flicks including Justice League.

While the video game is unknown, it could very well be possible that at one time a video game was being developed based on, or at least inspired by, the Snyder DCEU films and characters, which includes Man of Steel, Batman vs. Superman, and Justice League.

It’s possible once the Snyder DCEU basically got canceled (it will be on HBO Max in the future) that the video game got canceled as well.

In the comments on Instagram, a fan questioned if that was the Flashpoint Batman, which saw Marantz offer, “Nope.”

Again, the game could be all original and maybe not exactly featuring the Snyder characters, but just inspired by them, as Bizarro’s suit does look a bit like the Henry Cavill Superman Man of Steel costume.

Another fan also remarked that it was “clearly” the Ben Affleck Batman from the defunct Affleck The Batman, but Marantz replied, “No.”

Check the art out below.

Batman concept art canceled video game

“Concept art for a canceled video game, not a film,” says Jerad S. Marantz

“Here’s a Batman design I did for a canceled game project. It’s always an incredible challenge to do a bat suit and make it work for a new story. Batman is my absolute favorite comic book character and I’ll never get tired of working on him,” Marantz said in the first post.

The second Batman reveal saw Marantz state: “Here’s some more views of my Batman design for a canceled video game. There seems to be a lot of confusion. This is concept art for a canceled video game, not a film. This was a really fun process of just designing and building the character in Zbrush. Anytime I would get stuck, I would take a screen grab of the model and bring it into Photoshop and do a few paint overs.”

And on Bizarro, Marantz said: “I got a chance to work on one of my favorite DC villains Bizarro for a canceled video game. I’ve always wanted to do a pass on this guy.”

The Bizarro post did see Marantz include a hashtag for Superman, so hopefully, Marantz posts his Superman concept art soon.

What could have been (we seem to say that a lot about DC, eh?).

Batman, Bizarro concept art from canceled video game:

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