Kevin Feige On That Avengers X-Men Crossover


avengers xmen movie crossover kevin feige

An Avengers and X-Men crossover has been rumored and speculated for a while now, with one rumor even going so far as to state an Avengers X-Men movie will be released in 2020.

Further hope for a possible Avengers X-Men crossover was fueled by the recent Sony and Marvel Studios pairing for Spider-Man Homecoming, as if Sony and Marvel Studios can do Spider-Man, why not a Marvel and Fox Avengers X-Men movie?

A while back even saw X-Men writer and executive producer Simon Kinberg and Deadpool director Tim Miller mention they wanted to see an Avengers X-Men crossover.

Now we get more of an update from Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, which doesn’t sound like good news if you were hoping to see Captain America and Iron Man taking on Cyclops and Wolverine.

“Well, it’s the same as it has always been,” Kevin Feige replied to Collider about the Marvel and Fox relationship, and discounted the notion there is tension between the two studios. “I don’t want to attribute it as a frozen wasteland or anything like that. We all get along and I see them occasionally but there’s no change in any dynamic.”

On the bright side, Kevin Feige doesn’t specifically come out and say no to an Avengers X-Men movie crossover, so hopefully it can’t be ruled out completely.